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I played the game 4 or 5 time and found it to be good. How do we access the non relax mode?

When the grid size was more and initial position random, it was not easy to spot the initial blinking position if it is in color 4.

While playing I thought if I can have an additional goal of finishing the game with a particular color as the final color, but I could not do it some of the time. I am not sure if this can be set as a goal as not all initial positions are suited to achieve a particular color as final color. Can there be multiple sets of different 6 colors users can choose to play the game.

Thank you for playing the game and for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

The other modes are not available at the moment, but there will be at least a time component to bring in some "hectic", variable amount of colors, also I am thinking about other ways to "disturb" the player.

Good to know, that under some circumstances it is not easy to find the starting point. I will think about making it more visible in some way.

The additional goals are a good idea I haven't thought of finally. Maybe it will work with some predefined playing fields to achieve a "final color goal" or something similar. In the next release (hopefully today or tomorrow) there will be different color sets available, as it is/was my next feature on the roadmap :)